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Cao Lanh ứng dụng trong Công Nghiệp Cao Lanh ứng dụng trong Công Nghiệp
Ứng Dụng Của Cao Lanh Ứng Dụng Của Cao Lanh
Hòa Phát sẽ nhập khẩu 300.000 tấn quặng sắt Hòa Phát sẽ nhập khẩu 300.000 tấn quặng sắt
Than Đèo Nai làm tốt công tác chuẩn bị tài nguyên Than Đèo Nai làm tốt công tác chuẩn bị tài nguyên

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About us
V2M Trading Company (hereafter referred to as V2M Co.,Ltd) operates in the field of  mining, processing and trading ceramic materials and industrial minerals. Our main supplied products include washed kaolin, feldspar, artificial marble, natural quartz, mica, natural calcium carbonate/GCC, etc.  It is an advantage for us to operate in the very raw material area at where  the mines of kaolin-feldspar, quartz, marble  is located with good quality and huge reserves in Vietnam and neighboring countries. Besides manufacturing operation, V2M  also works as a creditable industrial supplier who is the link between original material manufacturers with buyers as well as local and foreign  manufacturers.

Our qualified staffs always focus on innovating and applying advanced methods of production as well as international norms and criteria of customer services. All the working processes and conditions are certified by and strictly applied with the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.

Our products have been exported tovarious countries including India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Brunei, Korea, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka  and acknowledged as the best choice by all the customers who used our products in manufacturing plastics, paper, rubber, paints, ceramic, artificial marble, cattle-feed, poultry-feed, cosmetics, and pharmacy, etc.

We would appreciate the opportunity of cooperating with you and are confident to be your trusted supplier !