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NAME PRODUCT >> Calcium Carbonate
Calcium Carbonate
Product Details
Vietnam has two white marble mines in Yen Bai and Nghe An, where Mong Son and Quy Hop marble mine with reserves of above 500 million tons is considered as among one of the best marble mines in Asia. These marbles are extremely pure, with CaCO3 content of over 98.5%, the content of other impurities such as Fe2O3, SiO2, Al2O3, TiO2 is very low. The whiteness and high brightness (L*: 98.2~99.5%) makes Viet Nam GCC as special filler, pigment, especially used in the industrial production of paper, plastics, paints, ruber and comestics, etc.

Specific Surface Area    14m2/g    Min
Percentage of Stearic Acid
(Regarding product coated with stearic acid)    1.25% - 1.30%     
Finess: (See the particle size distribution from Mastersizer 2000E)
Brightness:    96.00%    Min
Whiteness:    97.00%    Min
Moisture (Ex-work):    0.20%    Max
Density (Raw Material):                   2.7g/cm3     
Oil Absorption:    25g/100g    Max


CaCO3 content:    98.98%     Min
MgCO3 content:    0.21%    Max
Fe2O3 content:    0.02%    Max
Al2O3 content:    0.03%    Max
SiO2 content:    0.12%    Max


25kg or 50kg/ 1 PP Bag. PE lining applied to coated powder.

25MT/20’ FCL

* Used in cosmetics, chemistry or in pharmaceutical industry if sterilized.
* Widely used as an extender in paint, in particular matte emulsion paint or a filler in plastics, a mixture in plastics, paint, paper, rubber, glass and porcelain of high quality and high-grade products; and other applications in industry.